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How Much Does A Tree Surgeon Cost?

Tree surgeons or, to give them their proper title, ‘Arborists’, deal with the cultivation and management of individual trees and shrubs. This contrasts with the work of a forester or logger.  

Why would you hire a tree surgeon? Many properties have ornamental gardens surrounding the buildings. Sometimes the trees or shrubs grow out of control and threaten the structure and stability of underground utilities, building foundations, or above-ground buildings.

Whatever the reason, you need to call in a tree surgeon to deal with the problem. But, how much do they cost? And, what qualifications do they need? Let’s hope we can cover these questions in the remainder of this article.  

For now, let’s just say that an arborist needs specialist qualifications, training and equipment, so don’t expect a cheap job. Furthermore, the cost of tree removal from your garden will cost anything from $400 to at least $3000, including VAT. Let’s face it, this is a large range and initially, probably not very helpful. But, the cost of cutting down and removing a tree depends on many factors, which we’ll go into later. You’ll then be able to compare the prices of standard solutions with your specific problem. 

Tree roots can be very invasive and damage property foundations. Moreover, they can also find their way into underground sewage pipes, looking for water. Or can break underground gas pipes or electricity cables. Consider this. If you plant a sapling a reasonable distance from your house, then after 20 or 30 years, you might find a tree encroaching on your walls. Or, it’s grown so high, it’s interfering with overhead electricity lines. The tree might even be nearing the end of its life and in danger of falling onto your neighbour’s property. 

How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge? 

Okay, if you phone an arborist, he or she needs to come and look at the job before giving a price. Many factors affect how a professional carry out tree surgery. It would, therefore, be impossible to give anything but a general price without looking at the tree.  

To calculate the costs and put together a comprehensive quote, the arborist must consider the following factors. 

  • How many trees need work? It will be cheaper to manage many trees at one go rather than individually. 
  • How big and what type of trees? If the trees are mature, the arborist may need a climbing harness, cherry picker or other access equipment. Some trees are stronger than others and will be able to support more weight.  
  • Will you have to remove the roots? Some tree species have problematic roots systems. Some are easier to remove than others. 
  • Their location. Are the trees near to buildings or in the way of utility supplies? 
  • Are the trees accessible for a vehicle? Sometimes a vehicle has to carry equipment to the tree. Sometimes they use the vehicle to help remove stubborn stumps. 
  • How much waste to remove? Trees produce a lot of waste. A shredder chops up foliage and small branches to produce mulch, while the larger branches produce logs. Either the customer uses the mulch on their garden and keeps the logs for personal use, or they must be removed from the site. 
  • How healthy is the tree? The tree may have many pests or diseases which either need to be remedied or disposed of. It’s harder to reuse diseased wood as the problem might spread to other trees. 
  • Distance to the trees. How far does the arborist travel to the site, and how far to the nearest waste centre? 

Factors influencing the cost of tree surgeon

There are several factors that tree surgeons will consider before giving a quote. These include:

The height of the tree

A larger tree attracts more money as it’s more work and, in some cases, more machinery. Large trees have many branches with complex growth and thus may require special equipment to bring them down. They also require extra manpower plus hours. The upper parts of the tree have to fall a long distance, which is risky. Some heavy branches may need to be lowered down with the help of ropes, and such procedures may increase the overall cost of felling a tree. In general, the higher the tree, the more work there’s to be done.

Number of trees

Another price factor that you must inform the tree surgeon about. You don’t want to surprise a tree surgeon upon arrival by telling them that you have five trees to be cut instead of one. Be clear from the word go so a tree surgeon can give you an accurate quote. In any case, more trees will hike the price.

Overhanging trees

Some trees overhang structures, including roofs, greenhouses, and fences, and these need careful removal. The cost is likely to spike in this case. If trees are overhanging a road or public footpath and the road needs temporary closure for operations to occur, you will have to get permission from local authorities. That doesn’t come cheap.

Accessibility of location

Accessing the rear garden of any home is usually not easy. Terraced houses have very narrow access or sometimes have no access at all. If you live in a home with poor access, you can expect to pay more because the tree remains will have to be removed anyway. Also, make sure to seek local tree surgeons because someone travelling from afar will include transportation costs in their quote.

Removing waste from your garden

You may save yourself a small fortune if you have a means of disposing of waste. Otherwise, you may have to pay to have the waste disposed of. That can be costly, especially if the parts are heavy and have to be carted to the front garden for loading onto a truck.

Something that may help reduce the cost is if you put an advert in the paper / online, think gumtree or know someone who has a log burner and may be willing to take the wood away for their use, some may even pay you to take the logs, and if the tree surgeon only needs to fell the tree, the price should be lower.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding removes the stump that is left as trees are usually felled just above ground level. This leaves an unsightly stump which can sometimes grow again and send out suckers. If you want it done, then you can expect a tree surgeon to charge for it. The depth of stump grinding depends on the type of tree. If you have fallen the tree yourself, you may just get a tree surgeon you remove the stump for you.

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DIY vs Tree Surgeon

If you’d like to fell a tree on your own, including removing all debris, then be ready to purchase the necessary equipment if you don’t own one. Some of the tools you’ll need include a chainsaw and/or axe, safety glasses, gloves, short-sleeved shirts, and special chainsaw trousers. You want to stay well-protected when dealing with flying debris. Sounds great, but not everyone wants to climb 100ft high to prune a tree, either due to fear of heights or it’s a job they don’t fancy.

Tree surgeons, on the other hand, are happy to take on any job. It’s better to leave anything more than a small tree to the professionals as felling trees can be very dangerous, especially when chainsaws are concerned. Tree surgeons can fell trees by following appropriate procedures and will have taken chainsaw and tree felling courses. They can help transform your garden’s look within hours or a few days.

Tree surgery – what you’re paying for

Trees often get overlooked when you’re thinking about garden maintenance. It’s all too easy to assume your trees and tall shrubs will simply remain sat where they are, healthy and in the same shape and size forever. The reality is that keeping trees healthy and trimmed back to a suitable size can be complicated and tricky work. A tree surgeon has the specialist knowledge and experience, so they’ll know how to handle different species and the specific issues that can trouble each tree. If you want to keep a tree but you think it’s dead, they can also assess it for you and advise on whether anything can be done or if it needs to be removed. Tree surgeons can assess the potential hazards posed by trees. ‘

For example, branches can get in the way of gutters, roads, roofs, and power lines. Following bad weather, a tree may also be left in a vulnerable state that could see it on the verge of falling, so it’s recommended that branches are cut back before storms hit. 

The felling of a tree and root management might sound like routine tasks, but they’re technical services requiring a professional arborist’s skills. An experienced pro will advise whether you’re allowed to remove a particular tree – strict regulations govern the felling of some trees. If there is no preservation order on a tree, so you can feel it, the process involves consideration, planning and careful working practices to ensure it’s completed safely and effectively. Keep in mind that your tree surgeon should have public liability insurance. This protects against any potential damage caused to your property.

Benefits of Tree Surgery Services

Trees are a great feature of any garden, not just because of how beautiful they look throughout each season but the functional benefits they provide too. This includes additional privacy, shade in the heat and attracting an assortment of wildlife and birds to your garden. However, it’s also important to keep them maintained with the right tree care. Tree surgery can provide a lot of benefits to your garden, including improving its health, aesthetics and safety.

Discover the benefits of tree surgery services. Preserve the health of your trees & hedges. Protect your home from falling branches. Remove dead or diseased trees—ideal for attractive landscapes. Find a reliable tree surgeon.

Preserve Tree Health

Trees may seem resilient, but you could risk them becoming diseased or dying without the right care, leaving them prone to damage. This could be dangerous if it leads to falling branches or a weak trunk. If you want to preserve the health of your trees, a qualified arborist or tree surgeon can help. The surgeon prunes the tree can support it to grow in the way you want it to and thrive. They may recommend a crown reduction, which will involve them carefully pruning the tree to decrease its height and reduce the canopy’s spread. Moreover, tree surgery also extends to other areas of your garden, such as your hedges. The health of your hedges can be drastically improved with pruning and trimming services.

Attractive Landscapes

Ensure tree surgery is a key part of your garden landscaping plans to enhance your views and make sure your garden is as attractive as possible. Trees that aren’t looked after can start to look unsightly, affecting the overall appearance of your garden. A beautifully landscaped garden not only improves the appeal of your property but is a pleasure to spend time in, helping you and your family to enjoy your outdoor spaces. A tree surgeon can even help you to free up more space in your garden by removing old tree stumps, either through stump grinding or herbicide treatments.

Protect Your Home & Family

As trees grow and age, it’s important to consider the impact this has on your property. If the tree were to lose a branch in high winds, what could it hit? Trees growing in awkward spots should be well looked after, and many even decide that tree removals are the best option if the structure has become too dangerous. If you think you have a tree that has become overbearing or poses a risk to your property or anyone standing close to it, asking a tree surgeon to take a look. They’ll assess the tree and surrounding area, providing you with recommendations after weighing up the benefits of preserving the tree versus safety. If your tree does need felling, they can do so by removing it piece by piece or in one go.

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