The Anatomy of a Tree

Can you identify a tree by its bark? That’s right! You can tell the type of tree just by looking at the type of bark. There are many different types of trees, and they all have unique characteristics. For instance, some trees might be smooth while others might be bumpy or rough. So take a …

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Tree Cabling Services

Cabling is the process of wrapping tree branches with rope to help support the branch and keep it from breaking. This blog post will discuss how to cable a tree, what you’ll need, and when you might want to cable your trees.  What You’ll Need: A large piece of natural fiber rope; gloves (optional); work …

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The Arborists’ Work

The Arborists work in a variety of ways. They can do anything from pruning branches to planting trees. Yet, when most people think about tree arborists, they picture them climbing up high into the air to cut down dead branches or trim back living ones.  While that is true for some jobs, not all tree …

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How Nails Can Affect a Tree

Nails can be harmful to nature. They’re made up of three parts: a steel shank, an iron head and copper coating that’s used as protection against corrosion or rusting. Unfortunately, every time we hammer nails into the wood, the metal is broken down in our bodies by chemicals called “free radicals”. Free radicals are unstable …

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