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Trusted Woodchipping Services services in Perth for over 23 years, we've completed over 20,000 Tree Mulching, pruning, wood chipping, palm removing & stump grinding jobs over the years. We've seen it all and done it all.

If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable tree mulching services and general arborist service in Perth, you're in the right place!

  • Tree Surgery & Removal

  • Stump Removal & Grinding

  • Tree Pruning & Lopping

  • Mulching & Chipping

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Tree Woodchipping Services in Perth

Complete Perth Woodchipping & Care Solutions

A branch of a tree or wood is cut by the wood chipping machine to shred it into small pieces. These shredded pieces of wood are Mulch or wood chips.

Chipping and mulching are great ways to get rid of the excess material of the tree. Chipping and mulching of the excess garden waste free up the garden space. One can also reuse the discarded materials. But not all the chip materials are safe. If removal of the tree is due to a disease, it’s better not to reuse such trees. This is the job of a professional an reliable tree service company like Tree amigos. The trees that are healthy are of great value for garden cover. Compost made from wood chips and mulch helps to create a nutrient boost to your gardens. Professional chipping machines can handle branches up to 20 inches in diameter. They can provide mulch. Mulch enriches the soil and helps to maintain proper drainage structure. Mulch garden is much healthier than a regular garden. They can withstand drought conditions.

Tree Removal

Pruning a tree's limb and trimming its canopy can only go so far. If your tree is dead, dangerous, or unwanted, we can remove it for you.

Stump Grinding & Removal

When we lop trees, we cut just above the tree stump and roots. Stumps are ground down by our high-tech grinder.

Tree Pruning & Lopping

Trees need ongoing care and maintenance to reach a long and healthy lifespan. This involves Lopping & Pruning to help shape the way a tree looks and grows.

Tree Mulching & Chipping

When we've finished pruning or trimming a tree or hedge, there's always a tonne of green waste leftover. We run all of this through our wood chipper to turn it into organic mulch.

Tree Health & Care

We perform health inspections and evaluate safety concerns. Don't get us wrong–if we think your tree can be salvaged, we'll tell you. But if it needs the chop, our qualified arborists will perform the job safely and efficiently.

Tree Consultations & Planning

We want the best outcome for you, your trees, and our staff. We'll let you know if there are any trees you should keep an eye on, and provide general care advice.

In the last 12 months, over 298,735
  • Trees Lopped

  • Hedges & Bushes Trimmed

  • Palms Pruned

  • Cats Rescued

  • Raccoon Weird Looks Received

  • Stumps Ground & Removed

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Professional Tree Woodchipping Services Perth

Residential & Commercial Tree Woodchipping & Care Services

Did you realise that chipping branches for wood chips or mulch for compost and soil regenerating is a great method of recycling all tree waste?
Usually, professional chipping machines can easily handle foliage and branches up to 20” in diameter and produce an excellent, forest mulch. A good company will offer to remove the wood chips or leave them for you to use yourself in your garden. Mulch is chipped directly into the back of a truck to be carted away and recycled into wood chip mulch or placed where you want it on your property.

Mulch is used to assist in retaining moisture on garden beds and also for controlling weeds. A good layer of mulch can also help with keeping temperature moderated around trees and plants or garden beds, by preventing the topsoil from overheating and drying up, which can cause root damage to delicate plant roots. This is especially important during summer in Perth. This year it has been extremally hot.

Mulch also enriches the soil and assists in maintaining good drainage structure as it decomposes. Mulched gardens are healthier and can withstand drought conditions better than un-mulched gardens. Using good quality mulch on your gardens can save you a lot of time on other tasks like weeding and watering. Pest problems can also be reduced by using mulch.

  • 24/7

    Our qualified arborists are available to provide a full gamut of arboricultural services to you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  • Fully Insured

    With our $20 million coverage for public liability, Tree Amigos can give you peace of mind while we work.

  • 23 Years of Quality

    Delivering the best tree services in Perth first time, every time for over 20 years.

Benefits of Wood Chipping

Complete Perth Wood Chipping & Care Solutions

At times property owners may have done pruning themselves, or a storm has resulted in the loss of limbs and foliage, Al’s Tree Service can chip the fallen limbs and either remove or leave the chips on site if a client requests.

Benefits of Wood Chipping

Looking for ways to get rid of your felled tree? Why not convert it into organic gold through wood chipping and mulching?

Amigos Tree Service is your reliable wood chipping partner. Our wood chipping services are available in Perth.

We are a complete tree maintenance company. So, whether you want your trees removal, tree pruning, tree trimming or want to convert your felled tree into wood chips and mulch, our tree specialists assure you of a high quality service.

As a leading wood chipping service in the region, we come with extensive experience and latest equipment for the job. We employ premium wood chipper and our expertise to sort out and select only that debris that helps create the best quality mulch for you.

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